Using the VMA05 as a TCP client

I am trying to use the shield as a TCP client. I am following the instructions on the ESP8266 command examples PDF.

void setup() {
// put your setup code here, to run once:
pinMode(A0, INPUT);
pinMode(A1, INPUT);
void esp8266_config()
Serial.println("AT+CWMODE_DEF=3");   //Set Wi-Fi mode to 3(SoftAP+Station mode)
void loop() {

In the loop function I am trying to get the IP address, but nothing is show on the server.
How do I do this on the arduino side.
I have a simple TCP server made in python on the PC, I tested with telnet and it accepts connections.

Hello @daniel.dlds,

I think you’re talking about the VMA04/KA04 or WPSH04 ethernet shield in stead of VMA05…

In your posted code I can’t see which library you’re using. I see also you’ve used the ESP8266 board but the shield can’t be plugged in on that board. Strange. I think also that an ESP isn’t compatible for VMA04.

I preffer first to use the sample code and use the included library for VMA04. Can be found here:
GitHub - Velleman/KA04: KA04 sample code

The shield VMA04/KA04 or WPSH04 can be used on Arduino Uno, Mega, Leonardo dev. boards.

Use this first to check the functionality of VMA04.
The included library has also examples how to use this board.
Maby this can help you further.

You can always post your problem on the arduino forum.
regarding programming code or error you are experiencing in your code.

Best regards,
Velleman Support Team

I am using the Wifi board. Here is the link to the datasheet :

Ok, got it. This forum is for VMA05 and I have a VMA205. Anyone know where I can get support for my board ?