Using PicProg2006 software on 800x600 desktop

I’m currently using a K8048 PIC programmer, and would like to upgrade to the PicProg2006 programming software, as it allows me to easily download and view the EEPROM contents of the microcontroller.

However it appears that is it designed for a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 as the window is too large to fit on an 800x600 desktop (a requirement that is not mentioned on the K8076 page!).

As I am having to use the PIC programmer with a laptop that has a 800x600 screen (as it’s the only machine I have access to that has a hardware serial port that the K8048 requires), is there any way of resizing the application so that it fits on the desktop ?

We will check with the author of the software if there is a possibility to make the window resizable.