Using K8055 board with LIberty Basic

Does anyone have any sample code for using a K8055 board with Liberty Basic? I just want to set the digital outputs to defined patterns. Apologies in advance if this question has been asked previously. Many thanks.

Please check this thread for some help maybe…
“K8055 Using Liberty Basic to program the Velleman USB card?”

Thanks but the thread doesn’t solve my problem as it seems to suggest using Visual Basic instead. I am using the full version of Liberty Basic and need to find a way of using it with the K8055 board. Any suggestions welcomed.


For anyone else with this problem, I found the answer here: … Code-Rev2w.

I couldn’t find a download file, so copied the code from the screen, then editted it to the correct LB format in the LB window (just compare with the text image on the web page). Once I put the DLL in the same folder as the LB code, it ran OK under Windows 7.