Use PPS10 with USB PC port

Dear Support ,

Excuse me, I see that is possible connect the oscilloscope PPS10 to PC via serial RS232 port, but the modern PC don’t have the old RS232 but only USB port.

There are some adaptor for convert RS232 to USB ? If yes the software is fully compatible and tested with this adaptor ?

Thanks !


It works with the USB to RS232 adaptor which we carry.
No experience with other brands.

Hi VEL417 ,

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

2 other questions:

  1. The PCUSB6 must be purchased apart becouse is not include in original PPS10 Box ? Is true ?

  2. I think the original cable (stereo jack - RS232) is male and the PCUSB6 seem male. If this is true, how is possible plug the PCUSB6 in to original cable with RS232 male ? (one of this cables must be female to plug)

Thanks !


Adaptor is sold separately.
PPS10 cable is female.


On the serial side of both.
PPS10 is female PCUSB6 is male

What are the differences between the PPS10 and HPS10 ? The price is seem equal …

Thanks !


Mostly the appearance and the user interface.
PPS10 has serial port.

Excuse me again, in Italy I haven’t find the PPS10 bag (BAGPS). Where I can purchase this bag ?

Apart this, in this bag there is sufficient space for extra cables like RS232 to USB , and other probes ?

This bag can be ordered from your Velleman distributor.
There is some room for the probe.

Can you please send me a contact informations of one disributor ?

I have contacted today the only 2 distributors in Italy and he confirm me that is impossible order this bag becouse there is not in catalog.

Can you help me please ?

This item is on stock, so they should be able to order it.
Sorry, no direct sales.