Use of VM110N module

Hi !

I like to use the VM110N to control small ‘systems’. The used software is LibertyBasic.
Some statements you will recognize . . . . :

open "K8055D.dll" for dll as #user ' de Velleman interface VM110M
calldll #user,"WriteAllDigital", 207 as long, h as long 

My question now is : can I use in stead of the integer figure a variable one. And if yes : how to manage this ? I tried parenthesises and quotes, but no success.

So, I mean somthing like :
calldll #user,“WriteAllDigital”, abc6 as long, h as long or calldll #user,“WriteAllDigital”, xyz(23) as long, h as long

For me it would be a nice movement to got the program clear.

For an answer I like to thank you in advance !

Yes, you can use variable.
Here’s a little example code:

open "K8055D.dll" for dll as #user

calldll #user,"OpenDevice", 0 as long, h as long
if h = 0 then
    print "Card address "; h; " opened"
    print "Card not opened. Return value = "; h
end if

xxx = 15
calldll #user,"WriteAllDigital", xxx as long, h as long

calldll #user,"CloseDevice", h as long

close #user

The array variable didn’t work.

In this thread there are more Liberty Basic examples: