Usb on board damaged.. External FTDI via ISCP(?) port?

Hi Everyone.
Noob here. I have two K8200’s here - one fully assembled (with a faulty controller(?) board - SMD USB ripped off it) and the other unassembled (and missing some parts).

I have swapped the controllers around - and have the unit (sort of) working, but looking at getting the first controller working again… so I can have two printers.

I noted on the controller board, near the FTDI chip (just above the JPROG connector) is a 6pin header.
Can I assume that this Is this the “mega2560” equivalent to an ISCP port? Can I connected an external 5V FTDI port to it?

Does anyone know, if I connected a 5V FTDI connector to that port, I might be able to bypass the onboard FTDI and use an external FTDI to do all of the communications?
I will save me sending the board away to get SMD port reworked… which I might do anyway - but if I can avoid it - it will save me no end of hassle.

Keen to see if anyone else has done this.
Still learning this platform but thanks in advance.

BTW: Can I use the latest 2.2.1 firmware on this basic unit? I have Arduino 1.0.6 compile it - but it doesn’t look like its changed the revision past 1.0… thought I’d ask anyway.

ICSP is not the same serial port as the one of the FTDI.


In case anyone has the same problem of their usb port snapping off (yes, its not difficult to do if you yank on the cable… I bought mine like this)

It is possible - if you have a small enough soldering iron, to direct wire a cable in and bypass the connector.

I’ve photos for reference but the size is too big to upload. Once I find a way I’ll upload them