USB-Interface Vellemann K8055,from ConradElectronic -Germany

Hellow, I tray to translate…

my english is not so good !

I`ve bought an experimental-Interface from ConradElectronic Nr.191137

Im a beginner in electronics, so I dont know, how far i can use commands. So:

  1. Is this kit only for teaching, to see, what happens ( on the skreen - with Visual basic , for ex. , in The window which shows the skills.) When YES, why is there a posibility, to connect oher 3 kits on PC ? What is the mean (reason) for this uther 3 posibilities (to connect other 3 kits, whis the SKL5 and SKL6 Jumpers-

i undestood, that whith this Jumper you define the adress of the kit, but what for ?

2 Can i use this kit for electronic commands. For ex. : when i want to make an an Input of 5 V on Port 4, how can I get a Output, on Port 7, whith a dalay of 5 sec (for ex.), from the entering sensor-signal ? Must I use o programm, for this ?

Tank you, for all answers ! !

  1. The kit is not just for teaching.
    You may just “play” with it but you can find some practical use for it too.
    You can connect up to four K8055 kits to the PC if you need more inputs and outputs.

  2. You need programming skills and a program to do that.

Here some German links just to begin.
A search for “K8055” on Google displays more links. … rboard.htm … -t166.html

K8055 demonstration on YouTube: