Usb interface card module k8055

i would like to thank the engineers that have moved forward in bringing forth other oppourtunities and ideas interfacing to the household computers such as this circuitry…

i am thinking about purchasing one of these items but i am looking for a little for info about them…

i am looking to experiment with switching high voltage via computer means… i want a digital output that i can send to a optocoupler to send the signal but isolate it from the logic… i am looking for a module that can send 1-10khz or above… i also want it to have abilities of pulse sequencing… for instants 220,440,880,… pretty much im looking for a logic that is very versetle in its sequencing and frequency… one that can be controlled by code command and eventually create software to control the functions …

the only info i could find that may even relate says “general conversion time: 20ms per command” under specs online… i think this means the delay in response between the control means (computer) and the controlled (usb circuit) 20ms is .02 of a second making it 1/50th of a second… if this is related to frequency of the digital outputs then they are 50hz max.

all help would be greatly appreciated.

Indeed, the output command interval is about 10ms and input 20ms. This is the feature of the low speed USB communication used in the K8055.

does velleman have a product that is higher speed that can do the tasks i described?

The K8061 /VM140 is faster.
Here an example.
This is the program to output the waveform:

for(int i=0; i<1000; i++) { OutputAllDigital(CardAddr, 0x55); OutputAllDigital(CardAddr, 0xaa); }
And here is the result: