USB Error


I’ve installed the FTDI USB driver and Repetier program to start printing with K8200.
When I press connect I get: Sistem.IO.Ports.SerialErrorReceivedEventArgs

I’ve tried on the 3 usb ports I have in this computer and got the same error everytime.

Hope you can help me fix this problem asap.

Thank You and Happy Priting!

It looks like you have the correct com port.

Baud rate = 250000
Reset on connect = Disabled
PLA temp 190C

You can also download and install this version which is set up for the K8200

I’ve changed those setting and it worked!



Glad to hear it’s up and running.

I had the baud rate setting wrong from the website.

I guess Baud rate must be the name for the speed of the signal through the USB cable.

This afternoon I’m going to make some test prints. Is there any place in the forum to share that?


If you are asking about pictures you can put them up a picture host web site and put the link up here.