Upload the firmeware in k8200


I can’t upload the firmeware.
So my computer see the COM port if the power (of print) is disconect else he can’t install drivers print .
On card print, i can see red and green LED running.
I connect the Repetier, but the print not reponse (it’s commend idle).

can you help me please ?

If the LEDs (red and green) next to the USB port are on all of the time this indicates you do not have power on the printer.
Check for 15 volts DC at the blue connector.
Do not forget to short the JPROG connector.

i check 15volts, it’s ok. But when i connect the power, the 2 LED down and my computeur doesn’t see the print.
i’m test also the JPROG connector, he hasn’t effect (connect or not).

It sounds like you do not have the drivers loaded.
Download and install this package (for Windows).
It has the software drivers and the ini files.
It is also best to use the USB cable that is supplied with the kit.

I try ! but no change.

Is the comport showing up in device manager?