Upgrading Marlin firmware (

Since no official update has been offered and it seems like Marlin has move along a lot since the original firmware for the K8400 was release, I became curious about try out the latest release ( I have been using the original 1.4 files as a point of reference for creating the new configurations. After a bit of trial and error I have managed to get some functionality although I am currently stuck on getting the fans to work properly. Original I just had the stepper cooling fan running but after trying to get the print head fans running as well they seemed to running together before the filament has been heated. Secondly, Extruder 0 is currently seems to not be heating up while Extruder 1 seems to be fine. I can see the led on the control board coming on but not the one on the print head.

I would be grateful for any pointers

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Ok got Extruder 0 working, turned out to be a hardware issue stemming from a previous issue. Still haven’t got printer head fans working yet (perhaps this is set in Cura still?) Another thing worth noting is that the relative Home position has now changed to 0,0,0, compared to 200,200,0 used in the original software. Attempted at test print but encounter extrusion issues. Currently it seems to pull the filament really far back about 20mm away from the print head so will probably need to look into the feedrate settings. I have sourced the configurations from: https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Configurations/tree/release-