Upgrade K8200 to next level help needed

Hello everyone,

My name is Pascal and i’m new here.
I have my K8200 several month and now i want to upgrade it, but i don’t know how to do it so i hope you people can help me with that.

My K8200 Motherboard is orginal so i have’nt done a firmware upgrade.
Now i want to upgrade my printer with a autoleveling sensor and i did read on other pages that you must upgrade the firmware but i never did that before.

My question is what program do i need to upgrade the orginal firmware?
Can i backup the orginal firmware , so if the upgrade is’nt good i can go back?

Is there someone who can lift me up to the nextlevel to do this ? and who also has the patience to do this with me.

Thank you for your efforts to help me with this.

Best regards Pascal.


You can find instructions to update the firmware in this link.
You need to use Arduino software 1.0.6 or lower you can find that here
All versions (Velleman) firmware can be found here.

Oke thx for the locations.
Another question.
So what i read its firmware Merlin V1 whats on the motherboard , but say i make a change on the downloaded version of Merlin V1 can i upload it without any problem and test it and if its wrong upload back the normal firmware Merlin V1?

Yes you can change it back to the original firmware at any time.
However in the download section V2 says it’s for the VM8201
This is the one you should use.
You don’t need to have the VM8201 but the first version monitors the end stops after the print starts.
If you get a false end stop hit it will cause the prints to shift.

mmmm oke, but if i open V1 then i see 3 maps , Gen7-hardware and Marlin but v2 doesnt have these maps, but how must i do that then? just load into aduino software and upload it? or must i put those files into the v1 map?

Wrong_Way can you help me again please and give me a answer on my question what i must do?
Best regards.

If you have a stock K8200 and you want to put the firmware back to the original firmware download the firmware from this link.
Unzip it then follow all of the instructions from my other post.