Unsynced behaviour between normal and big scope screen


Just discovered a few small issues when switching from normal to big screen in scope mode, after having worked in transient recorder mode.

Here’s the sequence to reproduce the problem:

[ol]Go to scope mode and select big screen. Press “Run” or “Single” to activate the scope.

Go to transient recorder mode: both “Run” and “Single” buttons are dimmed. Press “Run” to start a transient recording (although this is not necessary to see the problem).

Switch back to oscilloscope mode: you will start with the normal screen ([color=blue]apparently, the previous screen mode is not remembered![/color]).
Also here, both “Run” and “Single” buttons are dimmed.

Now switch back to big screen mode. The “Run” button is highlighted, giving you the impression the scope is running. But it isn’t.
Pressing the “Run” button again doesn’t make any change: you first have to hit the “Single” button and then again “Run” button before the scope starts running again.[/ol]

So, there are two problems here:

[ul]1. When your scope mode was big screen before you entered transient recorder mode, you end up in normal scope mode when returning from transient recorder mode => scope screen mode (normal/big screen) is not remembered.

  1. When switching from big screen to normal screen after coming from transient recorder mode, the “Run” button is highlighted while the scope is not running. First selecting “Single” and then “Run” again solves the problem.[/ul]

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Thank you for this comment.
It is a known issue that the scope returns to normal mode when returning from transient recorder mode. Anyhow it may be better to return to the original mode where it was before going to the transient recorder mode. This will be changed in the next release.

Indeed, the Run button of the big screen is not reset when returning from transient recorder mode. The solution to this problem is as you described or to double click the Run button.
This inconvenience will be fixed in the next release of the PC-Lab2000SE software.


Thanks for this information.

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