Unattended scheduled read from PCS10/K8047 with autosave

We need to be able to schedule an unattended read from the PCS10/K8047 and have the results autosaved to a text file.

This is part of a larger project in which the results will be transferred to a remote database/application via SMTP or FTP

I am sure this has probably already been done but I can find no command line tools or switches to enable this to be done.

Sorry, there is no function for unattended read in the PCS10/K8047. You can just start the autosave manually.

One alternative is to use the DLL and write an application that starts at the scheduled time to read the data from the PCS10/K8047 and saves it to a text file.

Is there a Vellemn product (software/hardware) which is suitable for this task, or some further advice as to where we could search for a software solution for the PCS10?

You may download the demo software with source from the Velleman downloads site:

K8047/PCS10 DLL and example to write your own software

DLL for K8047 (PCS10) for faster communication