Tutorial or other project

Is there anywhere a tutorial or a previous project available using this shield?
I want to connect the shield to a 5M led strip and a PIR sensor, so it fades in when someone passes. I find it hard to start with the ka01 sample code since i’m quit new to arduino. is there any similar project so i can try to understand better?


Not that we are aware of.
You might want to Google for more sample code.
If you are new to Arduino, it might be interesting to look for a Starterkit too.

I got the starterkit and had some small projects with Arduino. I’m new to shields tho.
So i can try hook on the LED strip, put the PIR sensor on pin 2 and try start coding?
Is there any way you guys help me with a simple start up code wich i can upload on the Arduino. so that if i uses a PIR or button, the LED fades in?