Tube got stuck in printhead

My tube got stuck in the printhead and I can’t get it out. According to the manual it should go in about 5 CM. My tube got in for about 1 CM and got stuck. I can’t get it in more deep and also can’t get it out anymore. This is anoying me a lot. Please help


Is there still filament in the tube?
if so, unload the filament, then try again.
If not, heat up the head upto 140°C and try to remove it again.
Just be very carefull not to burn yourself!!!

No filament used, this is first time new build. I am busy building last parts together and then this happens. I am afraid to use heavy force because don’t want damage anything

So normally you have to push the black ring to get the tube out.
The only other possibility is to disassemble the printing assembly.
I think you could unscrew the quick release fitting and have a look on what’s happened.