Tube connector for extruder

The Velleman Vertex Delta 3d K8800 comes with a filament spool holder on its top, laying position, with direct filament injection. Not only is that destroying the extruder entrance very fast when using more abrasive filaments (Wood, metal), but it also messes up with the filament end detector that goes crazy, as it detects the filament by being pressed down, but the filament comes from up… So you’ll end up with a lot of false positive, even with high precision filament.

I have many different filament brands and spools. For them I have built some airtight storage boxes. Working great, but nothing to hold the tube on the printer! So I made this little extension, that clips on the printer itself, no need for holes on your babe. The tube fast plug is purposely a bit lower than what it should, forcing the filament to enter the extruder a few milimeters lower, ensuring the filament detector is always pressed when there’s some filament


Witch type of ptfe connector to you use?
4X2mm M6?