Troubleshooting guidence for the EDU08 kit

I just built my EDU08 kit, and just like the person from July’20 I have the exact same problem and voltages that they had when they found a un-soldered connection. I’m looking now for more detail on the circuit pinouts. Can you provide the Sec sheet for the LCD display that has 30pins and for SK7 how are the pins numbered? I can’t figure out where is pin 1 and if they go up down or side to side. And any general troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, CW Camp

Here are the pins 1 to 4 of SK7 numbered:

Thank you, that will help a lot.
Followup question, if I put a logic Analyzer on the pins of socket7 for the data output to the screen, at powerup should I be seeing some data being sent to the screen? I have already verified the power supply voltages and have a blank screen but after a few seconds the backlight comes on but nothing else. Also I do see a good squarewave on the test pin.

Normally the backlight should turn on immediately.
May be similar problem as in this case.