Trouble with pcsgu250

hello, i have a new pcsgu250. after i installed the usb driver, my windows xp-prof give me a warning “error code 10”, the pcsgu250 doesn’t run and the “ready”-led doesn’t shine but the hardwaremanager shows me an active pcsgu250. the microsoftsupport can’t give me some help about “code 10”. when i will reconnect the pcsgu250 after a disconnection from the usb-port, i get the warning “high voltage on usb-port”.so i think the 500mA for the pcsgu250 is a littlebit to much for the 500mA from my notebook’s usb-portpowersupply.
my question is: is it a problem with the driver (both versions i used, from the package cd-rom and the downloadversion) or can i use an extern usb-hub with an extern power supply. in the documentation of the pcsgu250 is written “it is not recommended to use an usb-hub device,this can cause the software to stop working”.

p.s.:is it possible to run the pcsgu250 under linux(ubuntu distribution)?

thank’s for some help

Normally PCSGU250 takes about 27mA at the startup just when USB cable is plugged in.
When the PcLab2000LT program is running the current consumption increases to about 390mA.

But you can’t run the program, so the current consumption shouldn’t be the problem. In this case an USB hub with power supply shouldn’t help. There is some other reason to this problem.

[quote]the hardwaremanager shows me an active pcsgu250[/quote]There is no yellow exclamation mark next to PCSGU250 ?
If you double-click on the PCSGU250 entry and check the Device Status.
Does the status show something like: “This device cannot start. (Code 10)” ?

ok,the powersupply is not the problem.
but there is a yellow exclamation mark, status: “This device cannot start. (Code 10)”
driverdate: may 21. 2008

The driver version indicates that you have the WinUSB driver installed. There are two alternative drivers just if problems occur.
If I understand right, you have tried the other driver too.

It seems that this may be some sort of hardware problem.

now, the oszilloscope runs but i don’t know why.6 times reinstalled the driver and i used an other usb cable,i think that was the problem.sometimes so easy… :blush:
thank you for the fast and good support


My driver can not be installed.
I installed the pclab200lt successfully but when connecting the scope, windows does not find the correct driver.
The error message is:

“The required section was not found in the INF.”

Can you please help?
Thank you!

Did you install the latest Rev 1.14 PCSGU250 software package from Downloads ?