Transmitter VM130T learning

Hi, In my mobile home I have installed your alarm control VM109 and learned VM109T 2 transmitters.
A transmitter is broken (blue LED lights not. 12.2 V battery)
I got a new transmitter. VM130T, red LED.
Now to teach in the new channel again I would have to remove the valve casing to open the receiver,
press the switch in the receiver and teach the new station.
This is unfortunately combined with a lot of effort / time.
Is there any more - not publicly known - the possibility the new channel without this effort
(I know, safety first!) teach in? The second receiver works, yes.
It would be conceivable, for example: enable system down with transmitter1 button SW1-3 keep -
on transmitter2 key [change code] press SW3, possibly 1-5 times.
Can I possibly pair the new transmitter2 with the old transmitter1?
Thank you PSC-Peter

For security reasons, there is no other way to learn a new transmitter.