Transistor terminal help please from new user

Hello, this is my first post to the forum and also the first time I have ever soldered a pcb.

My ultimate aim is to build a subwoofer but was advised to start with a mini kit first.

Now I am just about to solder my first transistor (:)) but am confused about the terminals.

Understand that there is Emitter, collector & base but the labelling on the board showing which terminals are on the left and right of the flat side of the transistor is not consistent. The first two have the collector marked (on the board) as being on the left but transistors 3-11 are shown on the board as having the Emitter to the left of the flat side.

The question is, do I follow the e, c, b marks on the board or follow the shape ?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Can you please let us know what kit you are referring to?