Transistor Ignition

Hello All, I m new in forum. I m Rahil from India and i saw a tutorial on internet by searching transistor ignition and found pdf for K2543. i found it useful but i need slight modification because i want to use it in my motorcycle which uses 12V battery for starting. its DC operated motorcycle.
I want to replace my contact breaker system and want to install Pulse coil trigger for signal. i want to make this module K2543 for using pulse rigger rather thn using contact breaker.
It will be very helpful if i can have this feature for this module.
Thanks in advance.

I’m sorry, we can’t help or support any modification.
Normally this module will only be used in “old timer” cars.

i have tried using TIP122 for switching and it was working too when on load but when we try to check current strength( unload) removed spark plug, it blown instantly.