To Velleman, about pulley's

Meanwhile I printed lots of hours, did several improvements and many times I had to disassemble and calibrate the printer. But after all, the printer makes rather nice prints.

One thing however is annoying me and that’s the 8mm pulley. A self-respecting company should be ashamed to deliver such lousy pulley’s. After one fastening session the screw-thread is useless. I made lots of new holes with thread, so some pulley’s has six holes now!

I would like to buy new pulley’s but the only Dutch shop that has this pulley’s online counts € 11,95 per pulley. For eight pulley’s and delivery costs they charge € 102,50. That’s about 15% of the printers price!

VELLEMAN could you please think about a solution for this problem? I don’t ask for free pulley’s but a reasonable and proportional pricing.

Hi all,
as far as I can say, I have read a post, where people say, that Velleman has changed the pulley. But the older users don’t get a replacement.
I have made a inquiry - without any success.
I have the same issue and did as you say drilling a new thread into it, but that is only a temporarily fix.

I am done with this… In the meantime I ordered all parts to switch to 20 teeth. (Thanks to Logmett
Instead of € 103,-- for 8 new original pulleys, it’s € 78,-- for new GT2 20 teeth pulleys and GT2 belts. Plus some printed parts.

Unfortunately the silence of Velleman is extremely loud! Most manufacturers try to improve there products, makes new versions or upgrade packages. This printer is quite promising, but some parts wears out to fast and other parts could be improved. It’s a pity Velleman does very little regarding customer relations.