Timer parameters K8090


I would like to know how to use the timer mode on K8090. What means parameter 1 and 2 ? What is High-byte and low-byte ? Coding is in integer ? or hex ?
I would like to put relay #1 on during 3 seconds and return off. What is the command line for this in VB.net?
I have wrote:
K8090Board1.SendCommand(Velleman.Kits.K8090Command.StartRelayTimer, &H1, 3, 3)
that is right ?

Je voudrais savoir comment utiliser le mode timer sur la K8090. A quoi corresponde les parametres 1 et 2 ? C’est quoi High-byte and low-byte ? Le codage des paramètres est-il bien en entier ?
Je voudrais mettre le relais 1 sur ON pendant 3 seconds. Quelle serait la ligne de commande en VB.net ? J’ai écris la commande ci-dessus, est-ce bon ?

A byte only goes from 0 to 255, so if you want a higher number you need to combine two bytes, giving you a 16-bit number that can go higher. This is what was done by combining the two parameters.

Say you have a delay of 10 seconds, this translates to A in hexadecimal or 000A:
param1: 00
param2: 0A

Or if you have a number of 348, this translates to 15C or 015C, giving:
param1: 01
param2: 5C

That said, in your case, with a delay of 3 seconds you get:
cmd: &H41
mask: &H01 (relay 1)
param1: &H00
param2: &H03

Be sure to connect as well :slight_smile: I hope this explained what the parameters mean