Therm 2 connection?

Hi - when first connecting my printer I get the message:

‘Printer stopped due to errors. Fix the error and use M999 to restart!. (Temperature is reset. Set it to restart)’

The message at the bottom of the screen reads:

‘Connected Extruder: 22.4C/Off Bed: 763C/Off Idle’

I at first thought that the bed thermistor wiring is faulty but when I swap round the thermistor connections (i.e. plug extruder thermistor into Therm2), I get the message:

‘Connected Extruder: 763C/Off Bed: 22.1C/Off Idle’

This leads me think that the main board is at fault? - any ideas?

Sounds to me as the thermistor on the headed bed is broken.

As I recall it the resistance of the NTC is declining as the temperature rises. The conclusion, if the reading is high, the resistance of the NTC is low, thus it is broken.

What is the reading when you measure the NTC resistance on the heated bed (Should be around 100K)

I think there is a short circuit on the connection

yes that value means that the circuit of the NTC is shorted. Propably at the nozzle the wires are shorting out on the copper of the nozzle.

Hi - Sorry - it was my wiring error - I had swapped over the two sets of red/brown wires on the ribbon cable so that the Therm 2 was connected to the Y Stop and vice versa - its all working fine now - thanks for the responses