"The settings don't match the pic in the programmer"

Hello, I just bought a VM111 programmer, pre-assembled. Right out of the box I’m being given this error, that the settings don’t match the PIC in the programmer. I’m using PicProg2009 and the programmer is the K8048, the PIC I’m using is the one that came with the programmer, the 16F627.

Aside from getting this error, I also cannot write the demo program to the PIC. I compile it following the instructions, making sure that all of the settings are the same and that the correct type of PIC is selected. It successfully compiles. But when I try to write the hex file to the PIC, it throws me an error immediately.

I can delete and read the data from the PIC, but apparently not write any new data to it. Why is this? I can’t see that I’m doing anything wrong, if I can’t get it to run the demo I’ll just have to assume I’ve bought faulty hardware and return it to the store.

This message can be displayed due to so many things. (There is no intelligence in the K8076)
Try first with another PIC and be sure that you don’t use the MCLR pin as in I/O.