The nozzle out of isolator guide

Recently I bought the 8400 printer.
The building process was great, nice manuals and nice building, it gave me a lot of pleasure.

But now I want to print.

While loading the filament, it gone wrong.

The filament pushed the nozzle out of the isolator guide and everything starts to burn,
Then the plate goes up and it looks like that the plate crash into the nozzle (printhead) so I take the 220v off.
An everything went out.
After a while I placed the 220v on again and the filament will not unload anymore

And now I don’t know what to do.

So please help me?

It looks like a problem with your temperature sensor. It doesn’t do his job so the temperature of the heater block has raised to high and burnt the isolator peek.
Look again in the assembling instructions (assembling the printhead) how to put in the temp. sensor. There’s a little bump in this cable and that’s the sensort part. It has to be in the middle of the block. (Notice also the read warning.)
Ask Velleman (support ticket: to send you a new isolator peek and build the heater block again.

You can test your sensor by heating the block manually (from Repetier) and watch in your display what’s happening.

This is the obvious diagnose… But it could be something else. An electronics problem? Maybe someone else can add other diagnoses.