The machine stops during printing

Hello Rabi,

Tanks for the respons,
I worked uot the follw action:

  • To avoid the surges on the mains, I put a interferences fliter in the mainss.
  • fixed the X- and Y axes so the printhead moves very smooth.
  • put the acceleration from 10 to 8 and store it in the eeprom.
  • measured the voltage on the steppermotors : 0.921 - 0.914 - 0.914 . and bring the voltage to 0,914V for all tree of them.
  • Improved the airflow over the board
  • Started a large project (10 hours printing time).
  • measured the temperature of the motors : After 5 min. 40 deg.
  • put a big fan at the opening to cool down the motors.
    Unfortunately, after 20 min. the machine stops with Vertex is ready.
    When I bring the X-axes down, the machine stops , the screen started up again and give a tepm. of 736 deg for extruder 2.

I’ll hope you have more tips.

Did you move when the printer stops printing?
Static electricity can be a cause

Yes in this case was that after printing.
Just the empty machine tested with the follow results:

number of retries: 10
without mitake: 3
stop moving down: 5 (with different distance)
stop moving up : 2 (stop after 20 and 25 mm)
At every stop the display switches off and restarts with incorrect temperatures on the display.

The machine is properly grounded. also the support for print bed.

In addition to the last reply:

A recurring problem is the following.
The printing is started. At any time the movements stops. The nozzle remains at temperature. The display shows: “vertex is printing”.
The product is lost. The computer does not longer responds to movements of the encoder knob.
By the way: I was printing from a SD cart.

You could try to unplg it from the computer when printing from the SD card.

Did you check if the .gcode file on the SD card isn’t truncated?

Thank you for reply.
Are there programs for testing a G-code file on truncate ?

[quote=“martvanhest”]Are there programs for testing a G-code file on truncate ?[/quote]Open it in the Notepad and check if the End G-code is present.

Now I think the cardreader is the problem.

I turn on the machine.
place an SD card (there is no laptop connected).
select home and then print from SD card.
The machine switches off spontaneously and one second later ON again.
I remove the SD card.
in the menu “printing from SD Card”
Without SD card he reveals the SD card files (which are not there).

To make a long story short:
the card reader switches OFF spontaneously even without printing.

I would like to exchange the defective card reader for a new one.
What is the procedure?

Have you tried printing from your computer?
This would rule out a few other faults.

good afternoon,

Yes I have tried to print with the usb cable on the laptop.
Everything went normal until he stops.
On the display “vertex is ready” like the start screen when you turn on the machine.
My conclusion is that the operating panel turned off and on again.
Something is almost wrong.which are the most difficult errors.

Hello martvanhest,

are stepmotors x ore y axis, become very hot during printing ?

Hey Rolf,

Thanks for your reply,

The temperature of the the X-,Y- and Z motor is not more than 48 deg.

But I’ve found something els.
I removed the LCD Cardreader unit and discovered that the reset button reacts not only by pressing in.
Also by push the button sidewards, the reset works.
On the pictures of the instruction pages, you can see that the reset button is not in the middle of the hole in the sideplate. The button stucks against the edge of the hole.
So I drilled the hole to 3mm and made the assembly of the unit a lot easier by gluing the 8 spacers on the holes from the LCD-board.
Now you can mount the assembly into the machine without violence.
The reset button is free.
That was my problem: because of the vibrations during the printing , the reset button was operated and the machine stopped and started up again.
Now I’m printing a project of 10 hours. After 4 hours I can (I think) conclude the problem is solved.