Test light intensity using PCSGU250

Hi, I have a pulsed light machine for my research. I wanted to test the light intensity using PCSGU250. I bought the PCSGU250 from the supplier of pulsed light machine. However, I totally have no idea on how to use it.

  1. Which module should I use as there are some different modules written in the instruction booklet?

  2. What information should I have before I can get the test started? *The light wavelength is within 200-1100nm because it is a combination of UV, infrared and visible light.

  3. What settings/options should I choose for testing? There are many settings like frequency, time/div, trigger, ch 1, ch 2, etc…

  4. If I got peaks, how do I know actual dose of the light?

Thank you so much.
Your help is really appreciated.

This device is an oscilloscope. It is mentioned to measure voltages. As far as I know, there are no modules described in the manual for measuring light. If there are, this has probably been done by the manufacturer of the light machine. Please contact the manufacturer of the light machine then.
Voltage depends on the light detector (-> see manufacturer of the light detector) and time/div depends on the length of the light pulses.
Actual dose: by calculating and taking into account the measured voltage and the sensitivity of the light detector.