Temperature while start job


We just build the printer and starts with some tests.
When we run the repetier software we first startup the heating of the table by manual, because this process takes a lot of time. By the way, the table cant be hotter than 54 degree, so this should be absolute an issue by using ABS in the future…

When the table and the nozzle heats up we use the slicer to prepare the job. When you select the option “run after slicing” there is something strange… The Nozzle and the table are cooling down and heats up again before start???

This is crazy in my opinion, so i think i do something wrong. Can anybody explain this?



first, to print with ABS the heated bed should heat to its max. but to ensure a good adhesion, place a layer of standard clear packing tape over the heated bed (when you print with PLA again do not forget to remove it. Removing the packing tape works best when the bed is cool so it does not leave any residue.)

When you heat up the bed and nozzle they should keep heating when you select the “start job after slicing” option. We can not replicate the behaviour you describe. What commands are you using to prepare the nozzle and heatbed?

Check your Slic3r settings. Under “Filament Settings” there is a setting for extruder and bed temperature. If you are preheating the bed and/or extruder to a higher temperature than these settings, then the printer will let them cool off until you reach these settings. The temperature settings in Slic3r get placed into the Gcode, and could be the reason for what you describe.

Generally speaking, you want to preheat the bed and not the extruder. Keeping the plastic melted in the extruder for prolonged periods decomposes it. The extruder heats rapidly anyway.