Switching hotend with cheap all metal hotend

I recently overheated my hot end and melted the heat brake so have purchased a cheap hot end from amazon after trying to get parts from Velleman in Canada 3 months ago (faster-getting parts from china and a whole lot cheaper)
I have learned a lot but still having problems configuring the temperature and feed.
My observations are it seems to be heating up too high in the tube so when it cools down it jams and won’t heat back up until I pull it out and reload the pla.
Can anybody tell me how to turn the printing temperature down during printing? do I need to turn it down in cura somehow or is it in the printer menu?
Any help would be appreciated .
My printer is k8400 and hotend is Wadoy V6 Extruder Hotend 3D


You can turn down the printing temperature while printing.
Press on the menu button. go to settings => Temperature => Nozzle => set the desired temperature.

Make sure That the fan on metal heatsink of printhead is always running for this kind of hotend.
If not, the printhead will clogged immediately!

Best Regards,
Velleman Support