Switch blocking the connection?

Hi guys

I’m trying to use the VM 201, but I have a connection issue.
If I directly connect it to my laptop, it works fine. I configured a static IP and everything works.

However as soon as I connect it to a switch (I don’t have a router yet here), I can’t connect or ping to it anymore (my laptop also has a static IP). Switch is a Linksys SE 4008 (https://www.linksys.com/us/p/P-SE4008). I can ping from my laptop to another PC on the same switch. The other PC’s can’t ping to the VM 201 either. Any idea’s ?

Just a guess but you may have the settings wrong.
Try connecting it to your laptop and turn on DHCP then find the IP address on the LCD.
Try to connect to it that way.
After you connect to it go to the Network configuration and check the setting there.

Thanks for the help, but that didn’t help. I don’t have router/DHCP server yet, so it doesn’t get an IP from DHCP.

Are you using the same cable for the switch that you are using on the laptop?
If so can your switch identify a cross over cable?

I am using the same cable yes, straight, not crossover.

I know there is a lot of new technology out there that I am not aware of.
But if you are using the cable to connect directly to the laptop I don’t think it will work with a straight through cable.
Just as a test you might try a different cable to connect to the switch.