Surface in Simplify-3D

Hi, maybe someone can give me some advice.
Mostly I print with Cura and get nice rather smooth surfaces. But sometimes I need the custom support-function in Simplify-3D, that is far more better than the support in Cura.
But my problem is I can’t get a smooth surface with S-3D. I experimented with all the settings for hours and this is the best I can get. The strange thing is that one half of the object is rather good, without those blobs and lines, but the other half is bad.
Left is S-3D, right is Cura.

NB: This is a part of a larger object that has to be printed from small to wide, so the image is upside down.
Someone has a diagnose? Many thanks.

In S-3D now the main settings (it’s PLA) are:
Extrusion width manual set: 0,35
Extrusion Multiplier: 0,95
Retraction: 5
Retraction Speed: 200
Layer: 0,1575
Outline shells: 2
Optimize start points
Infill: 20
Overlap: 10
Temperature: 190
Printing speed: 60

Hi, Only thing you can do is compare the settings to Cura.

I notice that:

  • extrusion multiplier in cura is standard 0.9
  • retraction distance is 9mm
  • layer hight of 0.1 might give better surface finish
  • you’re printing rather fast for such low temperature and thicker layer hight

S3D provides a very nice trouble shooting page with a lot of examples. … eshooting/