Support material


I’m totally new into 3D printer. At this moment I’m printing my first print :).

What I was wondering, if I design something that can’t be printed because you cant print in mid air, would Cura warn me? Or would it just start printing? Or would it auto add supporting material?


I don’t think Cura will warn you.

Adding support is an option : you have to select the support type in the slicer (default if none). Two modes are available : everywhere or touching bed.

Have you had any luck with supports?
I tried about a year ago with my K8200
Things didn’t go so well?
Maybe I’m doing something wrong

I used it sometimes with my 8200 but I had to put the overhang threshold around 20-25% in Slic3r to get something usable.
It is easier with 2 heads as you can use one of the heads to print support with a PVA filament (water soluble).

I’m not sure that the 8400 can use PVA
I tried the in the 8200 just as a test.
That was a mess.