Successful printing with Taulman Bridge Nylon?

Have anyone tried and succeeded with this? I’m currently trying to figure out the best settings but haven’t been happy with results yet. Au contraire, it’s been pretty bad. I get blotches, lots of hairlines and the prints warp quite much. An example below.

Also, the nozzle have clogged twice ruining long prints and forcing an unload/reload of filament.

I got a good stick to the BuildTak by applying some Tesa Easy Stick glue first, and it’s easy to pull of the printed thing when it’s done. But when printing with object that has solid walls (as in the picture) the warping becomes too strong and the object lose a bit from the bed. Maybe it’s not even possible to print Bridge Nylon without a heated bed?

If anyone has tips on how to succeed with Taulman Bridge Nylon, please share. :slight_smile: