Substitude Relais for K8090 kit

for a project I use several of your Velleman Relaiscard K8090 which will be controlled via USB. Now I have Relaisboards with a defective Relais. I wachted out for a replacement Relais, but I couldn’t find one that works in the circuit. It seems very tricky if the coil not have the exact resistance it leads to a unfunctinally Relais channel.
Can someone tell me where I can buy the originally used Relais in this kit?
Very useful if I can get a link to a shop or a distributor who sells this originally used Relais.

Best regards

André Brändli


You can ask your dealer for this part: VR17V121C … &id=383944

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Do you check google like amazon. You can find out from amazon. Also search on Google and see the result. If you find your solution.