Strong vibrations in the Y direction

I have been using my printer for a while now and i sure love is.
I have been fine tuning the printer with a lot of modifications.

One thing that bothers me a lot is a strong vibration in the Y direction.
It was there from the beginning and i can not find a solution for it.

The vibration not only makes a lot of noise but also creates ripples in the print surface.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and found the source and a solution?


I have a feeling you have checked already but I will ask anyway.
Have you checked the screw that holds the pulley to the motor to make sure it’s tight?

Thanks, any suggestion is welcome.
I indeed checked the drive system for loose ends.

I also upgraded to the GT2 belt system which didn’t change anything to the vibrations.

Only thing that could be the trouble maker is the stepper motor i think.
It looks like it is not making its steps smooth, but i doubt that could be it.

When i slow down the speeds the vibration get less but still to strong.
It makes the whole printer vibrate.

I tried to film the problem but it failed.
Tomorrow i will try to film again.

Hi 2stimpy,

this requires taking off the heatbed, but it could be worth a try.

The screws that fix the Y bearing clamps can easily put some torsional stress on the clamps when tightened, causing the bearings (or one of them) to lock intermittently. If that is the case, it helps to loosen the screws a little, and re-fasten them in small steps, one at the time, checking whether the carriage runs smoothly after each step.


I have tried this already and it did help a little.
I also had to bed the plate a little to make the carriage move smoother but i still cant get it to move as smooth as the x direction.

I have to print a few parts but than i will try once more if i can make it run smoother(although is does already run fairly smooth.

Hi, i’ve been having the same issue… it is getting worse, ive bought the printer like 8 months ago, had this error from the beginning mostly printing round objects, with like a 2mm edge, the printer vibrates when trying to fill those 2mm side’s…

This problem, is there a good fix for it? Cause at the moment, over 50% of my prints fail because of this …

please help… Setting the print speed on 50% helps a bit but it will still fail to print perfect and mostly skip steps so the print will be off… and others

One thing if have notice when I get vibration on the 2mm walls being printed is the different slicer software . Repetier creates funny toolpaths and subsequent vibrations and Cura not. Not sure if this observation / solution is generally applicable to all other vibrating problems, but worth a try.

For me it is not the vibration of the filling or vibration from rapid movements.
My vibration purely comes from the Y direction.

I still haven’t found a solution yet.

Later i will try loosening the belt a little
And maybe switch the motor over with the one that i now have left over from the extruder.

Releasing a bit of tension of the belt gave me less noise and vibrations.
No need to try the other motor anymore.

@klipkop, thx! Almost started to think my printer was broken!

The cure seems to be Cura! I printed the bottem case of the nintastic box for my pi,… 0 errors…


I just wanted you to know that iam having the same issue.
I did loosen all the linear bearings for the y-carriage and carefully, while moving, tightend them back up. I also did loosen the y-belt a bit.
Still I was unable to identify any improvements.


I Had the same problem with mine.

I managed to cure it.

The problem came from the belt tensioner not being exactly in line with the belt
The belt was rubbing against one side of the assembly.

I shimmed the bearing over using the washers in a different order, and this solved the problem
Hope this helps