Stepper motor driver?


I want to use a stepper motor with this shield, but I can not find a suitable driver.
Is there a stepper motor driver for this schield available?

Thanks, Vesper

Sorry, not that we are aware of.
You might want to search the net or write a suitable driver yourself.
Should not be that hard, if you study the theory of operation of a stepper motor.

You can control a stepper motor with this shield. You will just have to write code so that the 2 phases of the motor are controlled as specified in the datasheet of the motor.
But this card can control a bipolar stepper motor, just connect the two wires from the first phase with outlet A and the two wires from the second phase with outlet B


So… in the entire community, no one has written a stepper motor sketch? That was really the only reason I purchased this shield. What is the example sketch for? 2 regular motors? I hooked up a simple dc motor and it hummed 1,2,3 then ran for a second, hummed 1,2,3 then ran backwards, repeat sequence.

Could someone please help me write a simple stepper sketch, (or point me in the direction) just to get it to spin for a second at least. I’ll confess, I am kinda new to arduino, but not to electronics, so I’m not well versed in arduino programming.

I’m unsure as to how to energize both motor channels w/ the 2 pins: pwm_a, pwm_b, and how to set the direction pins (if at all). I get it on the motor, but a stepper?

Also i don’t quite understand the last post on needing a driver? I thought this was a driver of a sort? I was under the impression that all I have to do is write the correct sketch code, hook up the stepper motor, add power, and 'voila.

And the sample sketch should have had just a tad more info for what the code was written for, motor, solenoid, stepper.

I guess for a solenoid, I could change the code and use the “analogWrite(pwm_a, 255);” line to energize it for a set time.

Anyone else have any thought’s on this? Thanks all.

how about these stepper motor driver: