Stepper motor drive board compatibility

Are the k8400 driver boards pin compatible with the pololu A4983 stepper motor driver carriers?

Should I be able to swap them out or use one for a second extruder?

I have several lying around and want to make some experiments with a second extruder, is there a catch here I should be aware of?

Hereby the diagram of the K8400 steppers, this will allow you to determine if yours are compatible (please allow 1h for server sync.).

Have you made experiments on using the Pololu A4983/A4988 drivers?

Can they be used on the K8400 printer?

I had 4988 stepper drivers on a K8200.
Now DRV8825 and they work but best buy pololu DRV8825 cause there are china clones that will destroy steppers if not to be careful.
And if the stepper boards are placed in-line, yoiu may expect one stepper driver that will not fit so good due to board size deviations with the chinese models.
ok, the polulu is also made in China.

General rule is:

Products made in China with western companies that create the schematics , the pcb layout and component placement and keep an western eye on the production: ok
Made in China en tested by the same Chinese company: avoid that.

Be aware to use cooling on these DRV’s

So conclusion is:

If on the mainboard of the K8400 fits DRV8825, then 4988 wxill work too.
But keep an eye on the firmware: 4988 uses 1/16 microstep , 8825 1/32


Thank you I appreciate the advice.


Thank you for posting the schematic diagrams (most importantly the BOM Lists!!!).

I’ve been fiddling with the software to change the ramp-speeds for the z-stepper, it’s much quieter now but still accurate.

Now that I have the BOM list I can look at modifying other parts of the system.

Thank you & Velleman in general for making this product ‘open-source-friendly.’