Startup Rudolph

Dear sir,

Our grandson has soldered very careful the packet with Rudolph.

This is now ready and we will try it with the example software but it does nothing.

Can you help us with the startup from Rudolph please?


Luc (grandfather) and Kobe (grandson)

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Verzonden: vrijdag 7 januari 2022 16:03
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Hello @Luccop ,

it’s not clear from your description, whether the kit worked on first boot (with the pre-programmed factory code), or it doesn’t work anymore after programming the example code.

For Powering the “Rudolf” - WSPXL101(2), you’ll need to connect the supplied USB Cable (A male to B male) to “POWER ON” Connector, Labeled “SK1” and to a USB compact charger (5V / 2,1A).

No need to connect the Nano Every via micro USB cable to PC, to power up the kit and programming (this is only needed for programming the nano every).


  • power supply: 5 V – 2.1 A max. (cable incl.).

The programming manual for the example codes of Whadda XL, you can find it here:

Product info you can find it here: WPXL101

The Original pre-programmed factory code => you can download it from here
If you want go back to original, you can upload the factory code,
because after upload an example code, the original code will be overwritten.

To cycle through the different modes, press the mode button.

Hope this will help you further.

Best regards,
Velleman Support