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Before the printer starts to print, Print he a heap he explains filament in the upper right corner.
I’ve seen at other vertex printers that he prints a square before he begins.
My question was; How do you imagine that he before he begins a square print?
Can someone help me?

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Before starting to print, the printer is priming the nozzle, leaving a small blob of filament at the position 0,0.
When printing with the 2 heads, the printer prints a cube in one corner of the printing area to purge the nozzle after swapping nozzles and heating that nozzle. When printing with one nozzle it doesn’t do it.

Is it not possible to add it in the Gcode?

To add what exactly. The code to prime the nozzle is already included in the Cura G-code of the Velleman Version of Repetier .

I already have a solution,