Stand alone controller VM8201 LCD looks chinese !?

I´m new here !

I just updated my K8200 with the stand alone controller VM 8201.
It´s not working because I can´t read the display ! It looks chinese ! Is that a mailfunktion of the module ore is it set on chinese language ???
I followed the manual, I soldered the connector to the board and made the update to Marlin V2. The printer works with Repetier but how to use the module ? How can I change the language on it, if it´s set on chinese ??

Where can I find a Manual how to use the Module ??? How must the SD card be formated ???

Can anybody help me out ???

Cheers !

Could you post a picture of the display?

The language selection is done in the ‘language.h’ file of the Marlin software. Default setting is #language=1 (English). I don’t remember any Chinese option.

The SD card must be formated (and filled) on your PC.

I would like to show you a photo of the Display but I don´t know how to post a picture here ?

I strill can´t get it working ! I gues I it´s a mailfunktion because there is realy nothing I can do to change something on it. The dispay is doing something if I turn the switch on its side. That´s about it ! Can´t reed anything !!!

I will chuck it in the bin and get a new on. Then we will see wheter it´s a mailfunktion or not.

Sorry, the forum does not allow uploads, you will have to provide a link to a picture.
Do not throw it away, we do offer inspection/repair if you return the unit.