Staggered power up of relay connections

Hi everyone,

We’re having a problem with the VM201 powering up just three units controlling mobile radios and connecting micro PC’s where the three together draw too much power and keeps tripping the mains fuse. The three units powered up individually are fine, so what we’d like to do is to stagger the relays when powering on from scratch, is this possible?

So far we’ve managed to set one channel to power on at 00:00 which always switches on at power up, but then the clock goes to sync and unless you’ve then got the actual time in the timers set to that particular time, nothing else happens.

On a different note, something else for consideration would be for the relays to be in reverse so that if power supply fails to the VM201, the power supplied to the connected devices continues as the relays are closed by default and supplied power holds them open to power off the connected device.

Essentially, we needed this device to allow us to power off/on a remote device which needs resetting now and again, but the weak link may be the 15AC power adapter which if it fails, everything powers down.

Kind Regards

Sorry, we have difficulties understanding your question.

Is it correct that you ask if the relays can turn on in sequence when the power supply of the VM201 card is switched on?
If this is the case, then we are afraid that the answer is no.

Thank you, yes that answers the question but unfortunately doesn’t solve our problem. We will work round the issue another way.