Special modul for transmitting signals via GSM (SMS)?


I am searching a special module for transmitting infos from my solarsupply in the extern garage via GSM -> Home.

It should run with 10-15V.
It should have a very low power consumption in standby.
I need one switch input for a switchcontact.
And I need one analog input to mearsure my solarmodul voltage up to 15V with a resolution of 0.1V
It would be ok if there is no DC-Input but the modul would measure its own supply-voltage

No WiFi/WLAN at the location. Only GSM

The infos should be sent via SMS, CLIP-signaling (?) or Internet-Mail once a day automatically.
Or when a triggerlevel is reached (for example low voltage or door openend).
It should even send after triggering from extern via telefone call.
DC-measuring input ground and modul-ground must be the same

The price should be lower than 100 EUR. Buying from China via Ebay is ok for me. But i did not found any module with my demands. (Wrong search words?)

Can anyone help please?

Best regards