Special Application with K8064 / VM165


I have a question to a special application with the K8064 or VM165.
At the picture you can see the complete circuit.

I want to use the K8064 to control the current in the secondary circuit of the transformator dynamically. Therefore K8064 limited the Power in the the primary circuit of the transformator.
In the Simulation I have measured in the primary circuit a phase difference (Voltage/Current) of 14,7°. I think the inductivity is not the problem for K8064.
Now the question is: What is the maximum possible frequency of the input signal for K8064 and VM165?
In my dynamic control a frequency of 5Hz or higher is necessary for good reasons.

I hope you can give me some information…

Sorry, You can only control lamps, no transformers. !

Thanks for answering!

I don’t understand where is the diffrence between my application and the following:
K8064 can use to dimming LED’s which work with wirewound transformers.
I think it is the same principle of control like my application. The Power in the primary part of the transformer is limited by K8064.

Can you explain me, please?