Spaces between lines

Good afternoon.

I have a problem with quality of prints with to large space between printed lines.

Below is picture showing that.

First layer is printing perfect but after print is crap.

I have Vertex K8400 printer, i’m using Vertex Repetier Host with Cura slicer.

I was thinking that belts are poorly strained but are reasonably ok.

Quality of my ABS is not the best but it’s not a matter of quality of ABS.

Do You know where is the problem?

Will be grateful for Your help!


It looks that you’re overextruding.
Try the following presets :

  • ABS temperature : 225° (or less depends from the brand and color).
  • flow : 75% (between 70 and 80% depends from the brand and color)
  • retraction 3 mm - 150mm/s.
    Infill : 25%.
    Shell thickness 0.6

Thank You my Friend for suggestion.

But it’s not that. Space is very regular (the same, some like 1 line was missing) and after correction of extrusion result is the same.

I’m thinking that steps in stepper motor are to big or something like that. All parameters are set properly, nozzle dia is 0.35mm.

You know how to do correction?

Here is a printscreen from Firmware settings:

Check in Cura how the first layer is sliced and if the gap between lines is not present there.

Dear Raby,

Here is my printscreen from Repetier-Host, slicer is Cura.

Gap is visible. I thought it’s only a simulation and gaps in cura have nothing to do with real print o,O. Please, what You suggest?

The “beads on a string” aspect of the extrusion suggest a partial nozzle clog? Does your filament feed motor skip every few seconds? In Cura by default the first layer is printed with thicker lines/more extrusion for better adhesion to the print surface, which may explain why the first layer looks different.

Dear Volguus,

Everything is fine with noozle. Extruder (motor) is working well, he is pushing filament (faster when i change speed of extrusion, but it’s not about that).

Yes 1st line is printed with more extrusion. But please look at next printsreen:

It’s a first layer. ABS is not sticking good to table, sorry it was a fast test. Noozle is leaving ca 0,35mm of gap. It’s like a bad step in moving, it’s to large. Example on X axis movements:

  1. X +1, next should be X +1.35, next should be X+ 1.70.
  2. I got: X +1, X+ 1.7, X+ 2.4

Sorry i’m not a specialist, i’m trying to explain what i’m thinking.

Obviously, your print is not sticking well on the bed. [quote=“malwin23”] Noozle is leaving ca 0,35mm of gap[/quote]It’s too much as it’s the diameter of the filament. You should use 0.2mm or even a bit less. If the thread of filament is deposited without being squeezed each line is too thin hence the gaps between the lines.

Thank You Raby. I will check it and let You know! Hope it will help : )

Yay, Friend now it’s almost perfect!!! Thank You a lot.

i did 0.176mm outisde shell, wonder how it will work when i multiply it (to have 3 or more shells). Now i’m working with 100% of fill to test that.

[quote=“malwin23”]Yay, Friend now it’s almost perfect!!! Thank You a lot.[/quote]You’re welcome;)

[quote=“malwin23”]i did 0.176mm outisde shell, wonder how it will work when i multiply it [/quote]You’ll have to test slicing with different thicknesses. The slicer is extruding more or less filament to try to achieve the desired thickness. When squeezing a 0.35mm diameter filament the resulting thickness of the deposited filament should be wider. To avoid this if you asked for a lower thickness the extruder slows down to extrude less filament. So its quite hard to tell the result. My average shell thickness is 0.6. More than 50% infill will extrude too much filament. An interesting parameter is the “Infill overlap” (set it at about 10%). It’s avoiding the gaps between the shell and the infill.

[quote=“raby”][quote=“malwin23”]Yay, Friend now it’s almost perfect!!! Thank You a lot.[/quote]You’re welcome;)

Dear Friend,

Sorry that i did not reply faster i’m very busy those day ;/ 3 jobs etc hehe I’m doing now even more pefect prints. I tested Your solutions and they are good. Thanks for advices.

But there is one thing what i did… and it’s working perfect. I replaced the nozzle diameters in program data from 0.35 to 0.31. Connections are much better then ever! layers are amazing smooth (when i print using 100% infill for parts for my new printer). And my infill overlap is 5%.

I’m building now my own 3D printer. Below is screenshoot, just a simply construction without other elements :(:

Size of cover is 790x700x1050mm of height. It will be huge :slight_smile: print area that I want to get this 450x500x700mm. It will be working at COREXY kinematics. I got aluminium profiles and more parts. Once i update schema with top platform i will send You info.

[quote=“malwin23”]Once i update schema with top platform i will send You info.[/quote]I’m looking forward to it. Not an easy job you started.

Dear Friend,

I’m moving on with printer.

Above are some pictures. Around 15% of mechanics parts will be printed at K8400 printer.

Will be back soon with more :slight_smile:

Wishing You nice afternoon.