Sourcecode available of MK164 and usage of TV-remote-control


I am looking for a volume-control, like MK163 or MK164, to be used with a (standard?) remote-control of a TV-set, to control the volume of additional B&O-speakers. Most remote-controls have buttons to select an extra device like VCR / DVD…

That brings me to these questions:

  • is this working ?
  • is it possible to get the source-code of the used Microchip-processor, to modify it for the specific remote control, when needed ?
  • I do have a K8048, which supports the 12F629 of the MK164.
  • is it possible to read het machine-code from the Microchip-processor or is the code protection enabled ?


Sorry, all our code is protected and for copyright reasons we never supply source code.