Something is wrong with the hot-end design

I have written a little about my problems with the Nano hot-end on my blog: .
Hopefully someone at vertex/vellemann takes action.


I think you have a typo in the url.
This one works for me:

It looks like you did not follow the instructions.
If you look at it the bracket that holds the hot end is tilting to the left.
You need to start there.

Which bracket?

When I first realized that the temperature newer reached ABS level I mounted the hot-end in a teststand and wired the hot-end to the motherboard and the ptfe from the extruder.

But the I still miss a cooling fan.


Well. The heating element in the Vertex hot-end is 30W according to docs.

I have replaced the heating element with a 12V 40W and now I have no problems with temperature. Filament load works with both PLA and ABS and takes no time compared th the original heating element.

The ed3-v5 hot-end also uses a 40W heating element that’s why it worked out of the box.

PS Photos of revision 1 of my cooling fan can be seen on my blog: Revision 2 will be printed tonight.