Some question about the K8200

my k8200 is already assembled!

But now I prepare a presentation about 3D-printing for School:

I present the different types of 3d-printers and then I will present the K8200!

for that I need some information:

  • How many parts the printer consists of?
  • Is the k8200 really the cheapest 3d-printer for home use?
  • how Long was the time for develop the printer?

I hope someone can answer my questions!

The K8200 is actually based on a reprap called the 3DRAG:
Here’s the best information i could find about the development process: … to-reprap/
it seems as though they spent around 2 months developing after examining a mendel for a while, but it’s not entirely clear.

Hope it’s of some help!

It consists of about 700 parts.
It is sold at a very good price for the quality it delivers, but you can always find lower cost items of course.
It all depends on what you are looking for.

thanks for this information.