Some doubts


VMA05 looks great. Some questions:

  1. Digital inputs accept until what voltage? 24Vdc?

  2. Have you made any test with a wifi / gsm shield?



  1. To activate the digital inputs, you need to pull them to ground. They are protected with diodes, so they should work fine with 0-24VDC signals.

  2. Sorry, we do not have any experience with those shields at this time.

When you say you need to pull them to ground, do you mean just declare the pin as an input in the arduino ide? I am asking for some distribitor in Argentina and Spain to get one.
Anyway, this shield is able to work with more shields right (altough a digital input of 24Vdc comes from the shield, won’t damage other shields).

In the Arduino IDA, the pin needs to be declared as input, however when I say pull to ground I mean that to activate the digital you need to physically pull the digital input to ground e.g. by putting a wire between input and GND.
Since there are diodes, the voltage applied to the digital inputs will never reach other parts of the circuit.